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Figures NFT Collection
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Figures NFT Collection

Figures NFT Collection

Write an NFT contract and mint collectible NFT Figures using Ethereum Wallet.


  • NFT Contract with supply limits. Predefined sale price and presale functionality.
  • Deploy contract on a blockchain (local for testing).
  • Connect blockchain with wallet, validate balance and check network chainId.
  • Retrieve total NFT supply, show remaining NFT count and check if it is sold out.


  • Collection has total 200 NFTs.
  • Maximum 5 mint allowed per transaction.
  • The first 10 Figures are minted for the team, giveaways and community
  • Price for each Figure 0.05 Ether


Tech lookup

Built with Truffle, Tailwind.css and React.


Ganache ethereum blockchain is required to run tests. Assuming Metamask is already installed and test networks enabled.


Build and migrate contracts, truffle-config.json build directory set to build-contracts.

npm install
truffle compile # Compile contracts
truffle migrate # Migrate contracts `migrations/1_deploy_figurava.js` has initial config

After contracts are compiled, copy contract ABI from compiled artifacts json file to project.

TruffleContract requires ABI data as constructor parameter so that we can call contract methods.

Create ABI script create_abi.js is available in the projects home folder.

After building contracts, pick ABI from contract artifacts and write to src/artifacts directory.

node create_abi.js

That will write contract's ABI and network information to ./src/artifacts/FiguravaABI.json file.

Start the development server on

npm run dev

Visit http://localhost:3000 to view your application and connect with Metamask.

Truffle Console

Access deployed contract with truffle console to make sure main sale is started or minter wallets are whitelisted.

# initialize console
truffle console

# fetch deployed contract
figurava = await Figurava.deployed()

# if sale not started

# if paused

# Test mint from an address"0x3E0e7Ad0f3BE001CcaCeE2891CF135115e32D6b7",1, {from: "0x3E0e7Ad0f3BE001CcaCeE2891CF135115e32D6b7", value: web3.utils.toHex(web3.utils.toWei('0.05', 'ether'))})

# Check how many minted
(await figurava.balanceOf("0x3E0e7Ad0f3BE001CcaCeE2891CF135115e32D6b7")).toString()

# Withdraw balance

Metadata Set Up

Sample NFT defintion metadata files are available at metadata directory.

According to deployed conract's asset server set up in the migrations/1_deploy_figurava.js

Those json responses could be used for testing of the deployed asset server.


Openzeppelin contract wizard provides a quick boilerplate for NFT contract creation.

Web3model is a react library to add support for multiple providers.